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Very hyper and Naughty

by Hanri

Hi I have a 1 year old Jack russell and wonder if any one can give some advise on why he is so hyper and naughty and how to stop this? Me and my husband made the mistake to let him sleep on the bed and at night he will chew on our blankets so we moved him out of the room into the living area, it went good for a while until we woke up one morning and he teared our couche apart, there's this huge tear in one of our cushions. We did fight with him and then moved him totally out of the house. So he is sleeping outside in his doghouse everything went very good for a long while but recently started digging holes and pulling out all of my plant in the garden. When my husband gets home from work he will go nuts, he jumps on him and bite his hands and he tears my husbands clothes we don't know what to do anymore we really don't want to get rid of him. But if this behaviour don't stop we are gonna give him to my parents-in-law. He just won't stop. PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!

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Apr 25, 2012
Be patient

I have to agree with the comment not to give up. Jack russels are great, loyal, loving and smart dogs. Thats why i beleive people should be sure they can handle the challenge this breed presents before getting one. The rewards far outweigh the challenges. Be patient and a trainer is likely the best thing for you to do. It will be worth it in the long run. Our JR Minnie can be naughty sometimes but it's usually when she wants attention and is not getting the stimulation/activity she needs. While we walk her daily, different routes and multiple times and take her places with us, her main outting that she looks forward to is Sunday when my husband takes her out for 2-3 hours to different parks and allows her to get her energy out. She looks forward to that, u can tell. When he says park time she Gets so excited. And after park is bath time and she is also accustomed to that as well and when done is totally exhausted and relaxed! The routine she has, I beleive, helps her to behave the rest of the week. She does chew sometimes but very seldom. She is left alone daily and has our whole downstairs to herself and does fine but we are diligent about putting tempting things away and out of reach. We never used a trainer we just trained on our own doing methods from the internet and tv shows about dogs. I feel like its similar to a child, just have patience, set boundaries and make things routine. A dog, like a child, needs an adequate amount of attention, love, discipline, structure and a routine including fun activities to look forward to which makes it worth being "good" or behaving! Good luck.

Mar 30, 2012
by: hanri

Thanks guys you see the problem is that he has a lot of toys and when I mean a lot its about 15-20 dog toys we take every night for his daily walk and I do play with him during the day we did have a Jack before so we know how to treat and handle him but this one is like the devil himself we just simply can't allow him in the house anymore because he is destroying our home inside

Mar 23, 2012
Naughty Jack
by: MichaelL65

Hello. My Jack Russell is now 2 years old. When I first got him, he exhibited the same behaviour. He would chew through anything he could get his teeth into. He destroyed several bed spreads, the back seat of a car and various other items. These dogs need a lot of attention! They also need something to do. They get bored very easily, and if left to themselves, trouble will follow. Try getting him dog toys that mentally stimulate him. There are toys that you can buy that allow you to hide treats in them. Try taking him for lots of walks and runs. If he can burn off some energy, he will be more relaxed. Be stern with him (never hitting him) and praise him lots when you see him doing something good. My dog was about a year old when he finally stopped the destructive behaviour. Also, Jack's need to be close to their people. Keeping him outside at night is probably not the best thing for him. They are a very loyal and loving companion and with patience he will be a great dog!

Mar 21, 2012
More excercise and less anxiety!
by: Dr. Bill

Jacks are normally very active as can be attested to our 8 month old boy Rod-Taang (The Tank).
Sounds like you need some good coaching on how to care for your Jack. He needs discipline and excercise and not punsihment and isolation. It takes some time, but if you have a dog you need to make the committment of time and affection. If not then unfortunately for the dog it is better to give him to a home that has more time to invest. Good luck.

Mar 21, 2012
by: Deborah

Jacks are very hyper did you not know that?I have 2 Jacks Elvis and Patch Elvis is very hyper too and Patch is just the opposite it sounds like you need to get a trainer instead of giving him up.Please give it a try before you decide to get rid of him?
But most Jacks are like that and that is what I love about the breed they are very loyal and loving dogs!
Good Luck
Please do not give up on him?

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