Vickie loves the dog park

by eileen alsobrook

Vickie is a six year old. I rescued her a year ago and have discovered in that year the perfect dog for me. She doesn't understand why we just don't move to the dog park especially now that the squirrels are back.

She has perfected her hunting technique...stalking and being patient. The most amazing part is that she is teaching other dogs to do what she does. And,yes, she does catch a squirrel every now and then (I don't like that part).

In this year, she has grown from an anxious, nonsocial dog into a social butterfly with people and other dogs. It is a pleasure to watch!

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Mar 15, 2012
Vickie and her dog park
by: Susan

I'm so happy that you and Vickie have found each other, sounds like a match made in heaven. I have a soft spot in my heart for rescues since I have one myself. It is amazing how the right home can really transform a dog! Now if only those poor squirrels would learn to get out of her way :-)

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