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Want JRT to be more attached to me

would like to know how to get my Jack Russell to be more attached to me. Previously I have had 2 Jack Russell’s and a Border Collie. The first Jack Russell was not so attached to me it was rather very attached to my father. The second Jack Russell was very attached to me. Then after these two came the Border Collie which was extremely attached to me. She would literally follow me into battle and if I was busy studying would spend her time lying beneath my window or even on my bed just waiting for me, even though there was other activity in the house. My current Jack Russell was fairly close to me as a very young pup, I visited her weekly while she was growing up, and when I eventually took her home slept next to only me. It should be mentioned though that my wife has a Toy Pom. The dogs differ only one month in age and there is not one which is dominant over the other, in fact they both react to me as if I am the alpha. Presently, though my Jack Russell seems to be more attached to my wife, she only wants to sleep next to her and will jump up on the couch where my wife is sitting. This might sound like a strange query but I am very attached to my dogs and am a huge dog lover. So it is important to me that my dog also be very attached to wife reckons it is because I sleep restless. And this bothers the Jack Russell. However, this is even the case when I am awake. I play with her, and feed her and give her treats so it cannot be a food or attention related problem. Could you possibly advise as to why she would be this way with me? Is it because I am seen as the pack leader? Are dogs not supposed to be more affectionate towards there alpha? Also I have not yet begun any training (she is currently 4 and a half months old) she obeys the sit command very well but I would like to teach her to return a ball and do some of the things that my Border Collie could do. It is difficult at the moment because the Toy Pom more often than not distracts the Jack Russell. I know first-hand how intelligent they can be but am finding it very difficult to get her trained. Two dogs probably makes it a little harder. She just seems not to understand what I am asking almost as if to say you idiot I know where the treat is. For example, I will ask her to sit, then drag my hand in an attempt to get her to lie down but she just stands up and walks to my hand. Any advice, especially on my first issue would be greatly appreciated.

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Jul 28, 2011
JRT attachment
by: Anonymous

I think it's a good thing that the dogs view you as the Alpha because that will help with training. Because the 2 dogs are close in age it could be that your JRT is imitating what he sees the Toy Pom doing. Here are a few ideas to try - first, look on the left side panel and click on puppy games - I know you said that you are playing with your dog - try some of these games if you haven't already. Another idea: When you see your Jack about to sit, or in the act of sitting, just say "Sit" in a firm tone. When your puppy sits praise him. In your dogs eyes this technique builds an association with your verbal command "sit", and the act of sitting. Most puppies make this connection very quickly. Another idea: Try taking both dogs on walks together and maybe a little bit of playing/training together. That may help your Jack build the connection that everyone is friends.
Also, sometimes dogs to pick a person to sleep by based on comfort like your wife says.
Let us know if this helps!

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