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Wendy... Long time Jack Russell owner and lover.

by wendy
(Dallas, Texas)

heres my question for walking your dogs in the Summer.
It's not like the Summers from years ago when we were growing up! ( I'm 48).
Let's get some common sense people and think!
Get up extra early to take your dogs outside before work ect.
If you leave your dogs outside like a barbarian with a dog coop....!you better have tons of fresh cold water and lots of shade! If you for some reason can not do these simple requests, you should NOT be a dog owner! Pretty simple.
Do NOT take your dogs for rides in the car, some of you even forget about your baby's in the car let alone your dogs! Pay attention and have common sense! The world is frying! Don't walk your dogs in the middle of a July day in Texas!? Their little paws fry!?!? Is this so hard to understand? The thought that some dog owners that are so ignorant actually have children!?!? God help them!
Don't be a stupid dog owner please!!!!

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