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by Wendy
(Sydney Australia)

My 5 month old Jack Russell male constantly bites me when i arrive hope. He jumps and bites to the extent if i put my hand up and say no he starts to growl and lip curl. He then backs down but the behaviour is repeated. I dont think he does it out of agression rather an exicetment behaviour that gets to much for him.

After a walk or puppy park this behaviour stops. Its just of an afternoon or when i have been absent for a while. He does'nt do this to my male partner who does not live we me. Just to myself and my three adult daughters.

We have already attended puppy school and his behaviour is good otherwise.

Thank you


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May 02, 2012
Biting behavior
by: Betty

Hi Wendy,
I have a feeling that since your Jack is still very young, he is expressing his excitement at seeing you with the biting, perhaps because he has built up your home coming. Our Jack has similar issues. What we read on this site was to completely completely ignore Lucy (our Jack) and go about our business when we get home. After a little bit, our Lucy would naturally calm down. At that point I would get down on her level, wait for her to come to me, with her head down waiting to be pet and I would say in a very calm and steady voice "good girl, I like how you are quiet" and then pet her. Don't address your Jack until he is ready, wait him out!
Hope this helps!! Let us know!

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