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Went limp

by Jampie
(South Africa)

Hi there i am very worried about my female short legged jack Russel, Suzi went limp in her hind legs yesterday. She is 6 years old she all-ways ran around and played like all jack russels. As a baby puppy she had seizures but it went away after treatment after about 7 months. the vets wanted to put her down but i saved her with Valium and epilepsy pills back then. The thing is yesterday i found her laying on her couch and didn't move from it all day i thought she was chilling there like she always does. But when i sat down with her i saw that she cant use her hind legs. So now she cant go to have a pee or poo, and when she does move she drags her hind legs. she did go no.2 when i picked her up. She is also on heat at the moment. I don't know if she broke her back somehow but she didn't jump off any high places. My dad doesn't want to take her to a vet as he says it will cost too much and all his dogs he ever took to a vet died anyway. Ive been feeding her and trying to get her to drink water but she doesn't want to drink water.

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