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What do you all feed your Jack's

by aj

My jack will be 3 in September and he is 13 pounds and not a great eater. I do give him little bites of my food and I know that is probably why he's not a good eater. I have changed his food quite a bit and now he's on the blue diet. He just eats when he's really hungry, never when I put his food down. Anyways my question is do any of you make homemade food for your Jack's. If so how do you know if this is good enough, are they getting the proper nutrients they need. I wonder which is healthier commercial or homemade. My vet thinks royal canin is best. Help...

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Apr 29, 2013
fussy eaters
by: Anonymous

Thanks so much, but it is healthy to feed him this diet, is he getting the proper nutrients? I have been mixing a little bit of caesars soft food for small dogs and he's eating a bit better now.

Apr 26, 2013
Feeding the JRT's can be tricky
by: TJC

Our little "Tyson" has an itching alergy, which has yet to be determined, and we've tried (virtually) everything to help him stop scratching. Nonetheless, because of his obsessive scratching we've started him on a really simple, healthy, and filling diet. My wife whips up a big bowel of pure Tuna, Potatoes (mashed)carrots, and cod liver oil. all is mixed together.Now our JRT eats this 2 times a day, every day. it is filling healthy,complete and he loves it. We also give him sliced apples, and fresh baby carrots as "Training Treats" pretty much every day.The recipe that my wife uses can be slightly altered...using other types of fish, etc..
Hope this helps with your JRT's appetite.

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