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What food should I feed

by Anita
(Exeter, Devon, UK)

What should I be feeding my 4 year old parson jack russell. When I adopted him he was on pedigree mixer with a small amount of meat. He developed a bad tummy probably because of the move and our vet told us to put him on Hills dry food with no meat. He is not keen on this as he likes a little moisture with his food. Anyhow I have followed the vets advice and he has Hills dried with a tiny bit of meat in the morning and just dry in the evening. For the last two days his toilet has been OK first poo and then runny second. He is not ill and is perky but am not sure what to do? Can anyone help?

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Jan 17, 2012
food for thought
by: Sandi Northumberland

Hi ,
We have had our little rough coat Jack for 7 weeks now , and her poo's were the same , we had her weighed and she is 8.8kgm a little over weight , so we have put her on Purina Bakers complete its reduced fat ,and like you we give her the dry at one meal and on the other a little of the dry food and about 1/3 can pedigree and her poos have sorted themselves out ,I wonder if it could have been the change in ownership , she may just have been worried , but she is a happy little soul and just full of energy .I hope this helps ,

Jan 16, 2012
Crockpot recipe for dogs
by: Anonymous

I home cook for my Jacks and of course I give them dry too try changing the food most Jack has allergies and I found out that.My 2 are allergic to wheat and grain.I feed mine Taste of the Wild dry Lamb.I also found a crockpot diet for mine and it was referred by a Vet it consists of Chicken,Sweet potatos green beans can of pumpkin yellow squash and carrots and chicken livers it is so easy to make and it lasts me about 8 to 10 days and best of all it is so healthy for them.If you want the recipe please let me know it is easy to make and you let it cook about 12 hours.Good Luck

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