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What is happening to my jack russell terrier

by Marie bourn
(Terry, ms)

A few months back he was attacked by another dog, it tried to rip his throat out.a few day stay in the vet, he isn't the same.3 years earlier, his daughter was laid to rest from a snake bite.she kept the others fit,lean and he is a butterball, but strangely his spine pertrudes out and his hair is unsteady.his hind legs look like they are about to give eye sorta bulges outward.he EATS and DRINKS constantly.i took up the food now he Hoover's the junebugs out of the shed.back to the vet cause his look in his eyes was like he was saying his belly hurts.they ran test but nothing came of it.he bark has changed. And he has gone to peeing in the house now.he use to let me know now I think he doing it out of spite.he almost refuses to go outside because he may miss a meal.i keep him outside to run back and forth from door to door so he can get exericise. I know he is getting old but 10 years isn't to far gone. Any advice?

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Jun 15, 2020

by: julie

Hi Terry,
Sorry to hear that your jack russell terrier is having difficulties. A number of things could be going on. I would check-in with your vet to make sure that there is nothing going on medically with him with some of the issues you described such as the weight gain, eating/drinking constantly, changes in bark, peeing in the house, and concerns with his eye bulging, spine protrusion, and peeing in the house.

It sounds like your dog was traumatized by the dog attack. Try to always be calm around your dog--you are the pack leader and he needs your calm energy to reduce his anxiety. Give him time and space to deal with other animals he may encounter--he may have negative reactions to other dogs he comes across due to his history. Try to encourage positive interactions using treats and praise. Rebuild your relationship with your dog-try to spend special time with him doing things he enjoys such as playing fetch, taking him for walks, giving him treats hidden in kong balls, etc. These activities will also exercise his body and his mind, which can further help him heal from the trauma

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