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What to do for 4th of July noise

by Kathy Sims
(Oakland, Ca, USA)

Can anyone tell me if there is a medication that can be given to my baby Cosmo to keep him calm this is his first 4th of July and I know the fire crackers and barrel bombs will scare him badly.

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Feb 17, 2014
Jack Russell first 4th of July
by: Brian

Poor Cosmo! Is there a quiet place to take him where the noise won't be so loud? The best way to prepare your dog for fireworks is to make sure he’s comfortable with the sound in advance. While this is a simple process, it can take time — possibly three or four months of playing the recorded sound of fireworks for your dog at an increasingly louder volume before he eats, before a walk, before affection and play, and condition him by association to hear the sound and interpret it as something good. Also consider getting a Thundershirt - you can get it on Amazon. They give the dogs a snug feeling and seem to help. Another thing, go for a very long walk the day of to help tire him out so he will have less energy for barking!

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