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What to do for 4th of July noise

by Kathy Sims
(Oakland, Ca, USA)

Can anyone tell me if there is a medication that can be given to my baby Cosmo to keep him calm this is his first 4th of July and I know the fire crackers and barrel bombs will scare him badly.

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Feb 09, 2014
Jack Russell and loud noises
by: Anonymous

Have you tried a Thundershirt?

It gives your dog comfort because it applies pressure, like a strong hug.

If you are taking your dog to a firework show, try taking him to the spot a few times before the actual show so that your dog is familiar with it. A couple months before the show you can try playing recordings of fireworks so that your dog has some time to get acclimated to what fireworks sound like. Also, before the show, take your Jack on a long walk to get all of his energy out so that he doesn't have as much energy to get over worked.

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