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what to do with continued loss of appetite w/o any other change in behavior?

by chelsea
(apollo beach, fl)

I have a 5 y/o Jack Russell. I came to FL from MD for a med school rotation and brought him along with me. On 8/19, last Monday he started vomiting mucous fluid. Went to vets on Wednesday 8/21 due to continued loss of appetite and was diagnosed w/ a tape worm and treated for that and given anti-nausea meds. Lack of appetite continued and he went back to the vets on Saturday, 8/24. Blood work revealed only slightly elevated white blood cell counts so he was given antibiotics as well as something to help with his diarrhea. Still showing no appetite. Have been administering meds w/ yogurt and canned dog food to get something in him. Also syringe feeding protein-based baby food for nutrition. Throughout this whole time he has continued to keep drinking on his own and he still enjoys playing fetch. Only change is lack of appetite. Any thoughts or suggestions?!?!

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Feb 18, 2014
JRT loss of appetite
by: Barbara

Moves can be very stressful on a pet and that combined with being sick can take a toll on the little guy. If your Jack’s appetite was fine until moved to a new location, it may be that your Jack won’t eat because of traveling or the unfamiliar surroundings. Some animals may get motion sickness, and others become nervous or uncomfortable in new places. Because he was sick as well it may have set him back a bit and it might take him a little longer to adjust. If after 2-3 days your Jack is not eating without you having to syringe feed him, I would call the vet to see what they suggest. Some vets suggest trying anything and everything including peanut butter. Others go the old school method and feel that the dogs will get back to eating on their own. Hope your Jack feels better soon and I hope you enjoy your time in Florida

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