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when is it time to say good by

by Jo
(Okla USA)

We have 14 yr old JRT. He has enjoyed good health until
the past year. He is diagnosed after many trips to vet
with arthritis, but other symptoms including fatty tumors (benein) include coughing, ending in gagging like he is going to throw up but doesn't, panting laborious breathing. Vet sees
spot on lungs that has been treated with antibiotics and
steroids for infection. Several X-rays and blood work do not show
signs of Cushing's Syndrome and liver checks out OK. He
has started circling, pants, addomen more swollen, increased appetite, increased urination. All the signs of
Cushings from what I read. He was helped temporarily by strong
dose of antibiotics and steroids, but only for short time.On the steroids he is calmed down for perhaps a couple
of days, but then starts the circling, panting, excessive hard breathing, etc all over again, so it doesn't seem steroids are the
answer to helping him, especially on long term basis. Our vet is
one of the best and caring, but at this point, seems to be trying to
make his life more comfortable.

Question: How do you know when the quality of life is such that you need to say good by to your friend? He is member of our family and will be missed, but we do not want to be selfish and have him

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Apr 02, 2012
Good By
by: Deborah

You will know when the right time is.If the babies quality of life is no longer there then it is time when they are in any kind of pain or suffering it is time too.
My heart really goes out to you I have been through this many many time.It is so hard!

Apr 02, 2012
Time to say goodbye
by: MichaelL65

I know it is very sad to say goodbye to a pet, but I am thinking that this may be the time. It seems that your pet is in distress and pain. As hard as it is, please let him go. Be there with him when the vet administers the shot that will release him from his pain. Hold him and love him. He will understand and be thankful as he draws his last breath and sees you holding him in your arms. I am sorry....

Apr 02, 2012
poor pup - poor you....
by: Anonymous

but honestly there is only one decision and you know that or you would not be posting. Put yourself in that pup's position. Pup cannot tell you what to do but in the same position I would do the same :-(

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