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Why Does My Jack Russel/ Rat Terrier Mix Keep Making Coughing Sounds?!

by Kevin Scott
(Ashland, MA)

I Have a 6yr Old Male Jack Russel/ Rat Terier Mix Name Jimbo... He is a great loving dog, But Since he was about 2yrs Old He Has Been Making These Coughing Sounds Any Time He Gets Excited or Gets Up, Goes Out... I dont no if he does is for attention cuz I know he fakes it sometimes & when I know hes faking it I will say "Jimbo Wanna Go Out or Wanna Cookie" & He Stops Right Away...

Iv Brought Him To The Vets Plenty of Times & They Said It Was Kennel Cough Gave Him Anti Biotic...

That Didn't Work So I Brought Him & I Forget The Name of What They Thought He Might of Had, But Either Way They Didn't Know What Is/ Why Hes Doing...

Does Anyone Know Why My Dog Is Doing This or Does Anyone Have The Same Issue With Their Jack Russel/ Rat Terrier Mix??

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Sep 24, 2015
Common to breed
by: Anonymous

My Jack Russell has that also. My vet said it was common to the breed as they age. She said eventually my dog would need cough syrup as the "cough" progressed. The cough looks like he is coughing, gagging and going to vomit all in one.

Dec 17, 2012
your abusive
by: Anonymous

because you beat your dog and he eats hes own fecies because hes so scared of being beaten if he has an accident

Aug 21, 2011
Jack Russell reverse sneeze?
by: Mark

If your vet has ruled out any medical issue, do you think it could be a reverse sneeze? A reverse sneeze is when a dog is trying to remove mucous or they are over excited. It sounds like a snorting noise. My Jack used to do it and the vet said it was very common and that there was nothing that could really done but it wasn't harmful. Upon googling it I read that blowing lightly (when the dog is doing the reverse sneeze) in the dogs face helps because the dog is forced to swallow - I tried this and it usually works. I also read that calming your dog down by rubbing it's sides and back helps.

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