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Why does my JRT HATE a Male neighbor??

by Kim
(Chicago, IL)

I have a rescued JRT that wandered into my sister's yard injured almost years ago. She's a very affectionate and friendly dog. I jut moved in with my brother and for some reason one my girl LUNGES AT AND VICIOUSLY BARKS at the next door neighbor. This is the FIRST TIME I've ever seen her do this.

To put it into perspective, she usually barks a couple of times at the neighbor (male) on the other side of us and then she GOES ON WITH HER BUSINESS. When the other neighbor comes out she lunges to the gate, bares her teeth, gets super hyper/anxious and barks CONTINUOUSLY. I have to bring her inside it's so bad.

I'm starting to feel like she's knows this person from when she belonged to her previous owner (possibly him?). How can I stop this behavior??


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Feb 20, 2014
Jack Russell hates neighbor
by: Robert

It's hard with a rescue because you don't know how they were treated in the past and this neighbor might remind him of someone who treated him poorly in his past. Does he see the neighbor often, if so you might want to talk with your neighbor and see if you can work on some desensitization exercises with your Jack on the leash. If he doesn't see your neighbor that often, I wouldn't worry about it too much if he has no other issues with other men.

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