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Why is my Jack Russell Depressed?

by Ashland
(Atlanta, GA, USA.)

Ok.. Let me begin with this. She is a stray, and I got her last year. At the beginning, she acted a little sad, so I thought she must have ran away from an abuser, or she just had a rough time with being stray. I just want to know what may be wrong. I read about Jack Russells, and I am wondering is there any way I can get her happy again? She had children, Lived, and has one of her kids still with her. (We gave away the rest.) I have tried to train her, but have no idea how old she is, and whenever I try to goes to her daughter, Gracie. I'm guessing and hoping she's at least only 4, because I love her so much and I just want the best for her. Can you explain why she isn't as happy as my other dog Shot, who is as happy as he can be, even though he's been abused? Also, how can I make her happier? I love her so much!

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Apr 26, 2013
lots of love
by: Anonymous

Hi - My Jack Russell (who is not a rescue) is extremely sensitive. Recently my grown son and daughter both moved out of the house and my 7-year old Jack was visibly upset and depressed. He started barking at everything and spent way more time than normal laying in his bed. He didn't like his squeaky toys anymore or even chasing a tennis ball which could occupy him for hours. The only thing that helped him was to love him, talk to him, cuddle with him on the couch while we watched tv, long walks -- just lots of attention. Before I knew it, he was back to being his old self.

Since you don't know what has happened in your dog's life, I would suggest lots of love, attention, and patience. They are sensitive animals and very loyal. They don't take to changes in their lives all that easily. They love security and stability. As long as he is physically healthy, I would say that he will come around. They are great dogs!

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