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Will female JRTs stay or take off together?

by JJ

We have a 3 year old female Jack Russell and live on several hundred acres of land. Our female was raised with a 9 year old American Bulldog and then when she was two, we got a male Airedale puppy.

She got along wonderfully with both. Our bulldog died one year ago of natural causes. Our Airedale died two months ago of Addison's disease. All our dogs have been inside but have plenty of room and time to run and exercise. Our female JRT loves us (people)but is missing having a buddy to run and play with. With the male pets she felt safe enough to take off and hunt with them. However, in these past two months she is so smart that she will NOT leave our immediate yard alone. She can smell coyotes, etc.

We are going to get a puppy so she will have a 4-legged playmate. However, we are so pleased that she is not taking off as much. Our plans were to get another male Airedale; however, now we are wondering if she would continue to stay home if we got a female JRT puppy instead.

With two female JRT's together, do you think they would continue to stay home without having a male to protect them or do you think they would feel safer in numbers/a pair and take off to hunt and roam anyway?

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Aug 20, 2011
Female Jack Russells
by: Mark

Growing up I had a Bichon who died of Addison's. Sorry to hear about your recent loss. Sounds like your Jack is very well socialized. It's great that she gets along with so many different dogs.

I don't have a crystal ball to predict the future but I would think that if you got a JRT puppy, your older one would be more of the pack leader and "train" the younger one. If the older one is not roaming and is staying within certain boundaries, then the younger one would as well. I am always a supporter of dogs having a mate/friend in the house. We have 2 Jacks that get along well. It also seems to work for my 2 cats.

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