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Will he recover from trauma?

by Andrea
(Fort Collins, CO)

Last week we adopted a cute little Jack Russell from the Humane Society that they guess is approx. 4 years old. He was found wandering the streets on a hot 4th of July weekend and was terrified by all the fireworks going off. No one ever claimed him and we found him because of a kind woman putting him in the LOST DOG section on Craigs- list for a few days before turning him over to animal control, who then had him in quarantine for 5 days, waiting for someone to claim him. We adopted him the same day that he came up for adoption.

He is very well mannered and incredibly sweet, but we got him right after all of this trauma so he seems to be very sad. I imagine he was also traumatized by the vaccinations and neutering too, (we actually picked him up ON the day he'd been neutered, and I know he must have been pretty miserable but I have no idea how long it will be until he feels well and is "himself again"

I don't know what NORMAL behavior is for him because of all of these circumstances, but for now he seems very shy, timid and depressed. I'm assuming he even had some trauma before he was ever lost, or taken to the Humane Society for obvious reasons and he may even be missing his former owner (s). After having been through so much, I keep wondering if he will ever be normal and happy again?

My husband and I, and our two older sons are very kind and loving to our dogs, and do all we can for him in particular but he avoids us quite a bit by hiding in rooms of our house that far away from us (if given the chance) and he growls at our sweet two year old (also male) Golden retriever whenever he is near.

Our dog has actually accepted him well and is quite accommodating to this little newcomer but our Golden actually seems sad to be so rejected. He has no interest in toys, balls or playing whatsoever and mostly ignores our playful ball chasing Golden. I don't try to get him to chase a ball because of his surgery...but I was surprised by the fact that he just ignored it and had no interest in any kind of toys.

He seems to be eating and drinking fairly well and I've been giving him probiotics because he smelled like he had the beginnings of an ear infection when we got him.

Oh, and he also has some pretty noticeable cuts and ugly raw patches of fur missing from his forelegs but I can't tell if they are allergy related or if he was injured or abused. Today he made one of the worst ones bleed....I suppose by licking it. We have been keeping him from licking his surgery site pretty successfully but not one of the wounds on his foreleg.

We give him lots of positive attention without overwhelming him, and as of today I have been keeping him on a leash WITH me at all times so he can see who the alpha is, which will hopefully help him get past his aggressive growling and snapping at my other dog. This seems to be helping as I've noticed that he's less bristly, hostile and growl-y than he was even yesterday!

He likes being outside and we have a nice big backyard but we can already see that he wants to squeeze trough the slats of our picket fence so we never leave him unattended.

Two odd things: He is afraid to come into our kitchen. He absolutely will NOT budge if I have him on the leash and walk into my kitchen. He puts on the brakes and backs away like there's something horrible about going in there! It is so bizarre.

The other thing is that he won't lay down unless we make him lay down, or he (after a half hour of sleeping while sitting bolt upright and "tipping over multitudes of time, as he is literally sleeping sitting UP!!!
Sometimes he will finally tip over. I took a video and it's hilarious but I can't even imagine why he's doing it?

Sorry this is so long....I would love to have your opinions and advise. I have so enjoyed reading the other entries and your wonderful comments.

Thank you so much!

PS--Is there a way to add a picture or two?

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