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Will this work?

by newpupmom
(North Dakota)

I didn't do my research, I wanted a dog and had an application on a shelter dog that was good with cats and kids. But then on an impulse I adopted a jack Russell terrier. He is almost 12 weeks old. Problem is I have 3 children and 3 cats.
He is so smart and sweet.
Please give me tips on how to make this work?

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Sep 12, 2012
Jack russells are a great choice!
by: Anonymous

Before I got a jack russell I read that they were not good with kids. That is total baloney! I now have two jack russells and they love kids. They are so excited when kids are around (I have a daughter and often extra kids around). They sleep with my daughter too. We have three cats too. They do get chased when the dogs are bored but they know how to get out of the way. Just be patient and do some research on training jack russells. they are so smart and are a wonderful breed. Since I my first nine years ago I can't imagine having any other breed. Naturally when hubby wanted a dog, he wanted a jack russell too because of mines sweet personality. I have had a few friends get themselves a puppy after spending time with mine!

Jun 15, 2012
New Jack Russell
by: Brice

I can see why you adopted a Jack Russell on impulse, they are quite cute! I think you need to introduce everyone slow and steady. Try putting the Jack in a crate and then allowing the cats/kids to go up to the crate. Maybe have the kids gently give treats. Try not to over excite your new pup and that everyone is calm and steady. I would go even slower with the cats and only let all of them comingle for a little bit each day in a supervised room.

Good luck, let us know how it goes!

Jun 04, 2012
jack russell with 3 cats and 3 kids
by: aj

My jack is great with kids, not with other dogs he doesn't know and certainly not with our cat. She was here first for 7 years, I did integrate the two right away but he wants to kill her. My only wish is that they could get along. I would say put him and the cats together and teach him that he has to be nice to them. That they are part of the family, maybe his tempermant is better than my jacks. Good luck.

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