Have You Heard of these Wire Haired Jack Russell Terrier Dogs?

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Famous Wire Haired Jack Russell Terrier Dogs: Perhaps the most famous of all Jack Russells is the dog named Nipper, who is still seen around the globe on the sign for HMV – the world’s largest distributer of CDs and DVDs. The painting of Nipper looking into a gramophone is actually called His Master’s Voice, hence why the company is called HMV; the image has also been used by EMI and The Gramophone Company throughout history and is hugely famous around the world.

Of the wire haired Jack Russell dogs on screen, the most famous is probably the one who appears in the hit television show Frasier. Eddie was in fact played by two different wire haired Jack Russell “actors” – named Moose and Enzo – and this character received more fan mail than any of the other cast members! Surely both Moose and Enzo will be remembered as the funniest wire coat Jack Russell Terrier dogs to ever grace this planet?!

There have been numerous other Jack Russells who have appeared in some of the most successful movies ever made. A Jack Russell named Bear was used in the movie Crimson Tide, starring Gene Hackman. Jack Russells were also seen in the movies The Mask, Hotel for Dogs and Mr. Accident. Obviously their great personality still manages to shine through on movie theater screens as well as in real life!

A Hero and an Adventurer!

The next two Jack Russells are both heroes in their own different ways and are surely the Jack Russell Terriers that everyone should know about. The first is a Jack Russell Terrier named Bothy, who happened to be the pet of the famous explorer Ranulph Fiennes. In a feat never likely to be repeated again, he managed to become the only dog to ever make it to both the North and South Poles – even if he did go by helicopter for the journey! His feat was accomplished way back in 1984 and now – thanks to new regulations – dogs are not allowed in the South Pole, therefore safeguarding his legacy forever!

The other dog that needs to be mentioned is a wire haired Jack Russell Terrier named George who, in 2007, gave up his life in order to save five children in New Zealand. The children were being attacked by five Pit Bull Terriers and George held them at bay until the children escaped. Unfortunately George had to be put down, but this plucky and brave wire haired Jack Russell Terrier was awarded the PDSA Gold Medal – the highest honor an animal can receive in New Zealand – in recognition of the sacrifice that he made. There was even a statue erected of him in the town of Manaia to honor his memory and to ensure that nobody ever forgot about him.

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