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yma lauffant

by yma
(carolina, puerto rico)

My 5YR. old female JRT has small, bald patches on her thighs, has developed a skin(OR)hair condition. Her hair looks "pinched" on her sides, some weight loss also, not much but noticeable.

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Aug 25, 2011
Skin/Hair Problem?
by: Sue, Staffordshire, U.K.

Hi, I apologise for asking the obvious question but has your dog had preventative treatment for fleas and worms? If not, this can cause weight loss & bald patches! A quick check by your Veterinary will be able to confirm. Dogs can also have allergies to house cleaning products, carpet freshners/sprays etc. I've also known dogs to have allergies to certain types of house/garden plants or even their food!! Have you changed your dogs bedding? Your dog has obviously been fine for 5 years so maybe its something new you have changed or introduced into your home. Just a few ideas I hope will help you, but if not then maybe you should seek Veterinary advice. Good luck and I hope your dog makes a quick recovery.

Aug 20, 2011
Jack Russell bald patches
by: James

I'm not a vet but sometimes when dogs have bald patches it could mean they have thyroid issues. Or if they have bald patches and are very itchy it could be allergies. Sounds like your local vet would be able to give you a little more insight.

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