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I have a jack Russell bitch she about 10 months old her behaviour has been fine concerning traffic but in last couple of weeks her behaviour has changed were shes going mental going for traffic ...don't know if it's to do with her hormones changing or shes becoming over protective x dont know why the sudden change in her x

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Feb 20, 2014
Jack Russell hates car noises
by: Frank

I would start with an obedience class to build confidence in her and also for her to learn commands. Then try practicing in the real world. When you hear a loud vehicle coming towards you, start talking to her, telling her to "heel, heel, good dog, heel", etc etc, keep up the talk and keep moving until whatever it is has passed by, then give her lots of verbal praise(don't stop to do it, just talk nice to her while walking) and you can give her a treat as well. Don't comfort him when she freaks out, give her commands instead. Give her the nice stuff after the noise has passed if she has managed to stay relatively calm. You could also try slipping her a treat as the loud noise approaches, or getting her to sit and hold the treat up in front of him to keep his mind off the noise.
I'd practice crossing the street too. You may have to pick your timing for this, at traffic lights, but what I would do is when he starts pulling, in a big hurry to get to the other side, turn around and go right back where you started from. Make her sit when you get there. Wait for another light, do it again. This should teach her that freaking out is not getting him what she wants which is to cross the street so it's all over with. All that happens when she freaks out is that you go back to square one and have to do it again.

So, training, distraction, commands, rewards. And she's still quite young so don't expect perfection yet. All you want is steady improvement. Good luck!

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